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This bit of New York skyline is daunting at dawn when you are trying to think of ways to make a living. It is far better to view it from the 23 floor of your hotel suite as I was, rather than a homeless person on the street below. This is America, “The land of opportunity,” and just how are you suppose to capitalize on it when you have just lost your job due to downsizing or automation? You can’t even run a pushcart without getting a license, and it is even illegal to stand still on the street, as you would be obstructing traffic.

In today’s society the only sure way to make sure you have a job is to create your own by establishing your own business that can provide a livable income. The challenge is to conceive of what that company might be, how you can raise, or ration, your money to start it and determine what are your best immediate options. That is easier said than done, and that task is best undertaken while you are still comfortably employed and not suffering from profound depression after you are dismissed from the company where you have spent the past 20 years.

This circumstance is what prompted me to write my Profit® series of books. The first, Ideas for New Businesses : Finding Ideas for Starting Your Million or Billion-Dollar Hovey Idea for New Businesses Front CoverBusiness, is a booklet that is available free to Prime Subscribers of It was designed for businessmen to stick in their briefcase and use to record any new business concepts that they happened to think of on long flights to Europe or Asia. On the next trip they could pull it out again and continue to work on their ideas. This ink on paper record would belong to the businessman; and not to the company that employed him because nothing about it ever appeared on any company computer or device. The text of Ideas tells how business concepts may be developed from a variety of unexpected sources and previous experiences.

My present book in progress, Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business in Midlife expands considerably on many of the things mentioned in Ideas, and introduces much new material. Because of my having an unusually broad range of activities and interests, I have been exposed in both academic and real-life settings to many different business, social, psychological and physical situations in the past 76 years, and I frankly have learned from sometimes brutal experiences the lessons that I relate in the book.

My approach to business is different from any other writers’ works in that I advocate starting a variety of businesses during ones life with sometimes different objectives that fit your immediate needs, abilities, training, desires and long-term goals. If you need money right now, I tell about some ways of getting it. If you must first get legally qualified to practice your field, that is a longer term opportunity than you can work on. In addition, you may have longed all your life to study or be thus-and-such, but never had the opportunity. That opportunity may come in later life when you are free of the strength-draining regimen of nine-to-midnight work. Did I mean nine-to-five? No. I did not because in today’s interconnected worldwide business environment, one is fortunate indeed to not be continually on call.

Owning your own business can improve your mental and physical health because you control your own hours. You may work just as many hours, but you can schedule breaks, vacations, or even mind-expanding world travel, without the time wasted in being a corporate creature driven from crisis to crisis or meeting to meeting.

I am accepting advance orders for my new business book, Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business at Midlife,  which may be made by using the PayPal button below. I also have a Bonus Offer that includes a Free e-mailing of the Table of Contents, Preface and a Book Chapter, Love Your Work and Live Longer. There is also a Super Bonus for the first 25 to respond which is a Free 15-minute telephone consultation.  To receive either reply below and describe what you would like to receive or discuss. I will arrange a time and date for the consultation.

Create Your Own Job Security

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