Who Am I Today?

Hovey as news anchor

One of the fun aspects of my life as an independent businessman with multiple interests is deciding exactly who I am going to be on any given day.  It is a mind-numbing myth that a person is, or should be, only one thing their entire life and could not possibly be anything else. We human creatures are much more inventive than that and always have been. Sure, some of us are more talented in some areas than others. It is also true that modern life often requires extensive training to specialize in one field or another, like being a doctor or lawyer. But doctors and lawyers can and should do a great many other things to maintain their mental and physical health.

I might cook an original dish for my supper today using wild meat and mushrooms that I Hovey with blunderbuss in N.C.

If I look like I am doing something absolutely outrageous and having fun doing it, you are correct.

gathered from my woods. Perhaps I will work on a bit of stand-up comedy. Maybe I will sketch out a design for the cover of my new book. I might take to the water and go bow fishing or to the woods and go turkey hunting. Diversity of thoughts and activities keeps the mind active and fresh as does accomplishing a variety of tasks every day. The interchange and interactivity of physical and mental activities keeps the human animal working well and working longer throughout life.

For your younger guys and gals the “working longer throughout life” is likely not a present consideration, but it is with your parents. There is nothing more mentally sapping and ego-destroying than planting yourself before a TV watching other people’s creations or being bombarded by a steady drumbeat of disasters, killings, floods, fires and general impending doom. No wonder people get distressed and have to fight off depression. My solution is to use the TV set to watch the movies that I want to see when I want to see them, and I own hundreds of videos. There are sign-up movie channels, etc., but I don’t want to be bothered with subscriptions or the rest of the mindless ads that often come with them. If I feel like some comedy or indulging myself in a video course about Middle-Eastern history before Alexander the Great from the Great Courses series, I can.

Not surprisingly, I often create my own content. I have over 675 YouTube videos on line, have written 15 books, done Podcast radio, lectured both nationally and internationally on a variety of topics, participate in writers’ and film-makers’ events and make my own designs of knives on my back porch. Each day brings an almost unlimited number of possibilities, and all I have to do is to pick the ripest cherry off the tree and enjoy its sweetness.

This general concept of having multiple activities is how I came to advocate doing several business activities during one’s life in my forthcoming book, Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business in Midlife. First off, sometimes you may be forced into doing a business in order to get some money in the house which might consist of selling things on E-Bay. If approached from the point of view of making this a business instead of using it as an electronic pawn shop, some reasonable amounts of money can be generated from E-Bay and similar sites.

Then you might be working on your nursing degree or other professional qualifications. In the meantime, you may have always had an interest in some class of physical objects that you really enjoy using, looking at and possessing. Very likely others have the same passion, and you can start an on-line business dealing in these things. If you persist through FaceBook or other platforms you will gain a following, a reputation, be invited to display and speak at events and derive income from your hobby. For a time you will be putting more money into it than taking out, but in later years when you need extra income the most, you can capitalize on what you own and what you know.

What you sell may not even be a thing. It might be a thought. Selling knowledge derived from creating your own brand of life skills or producing written works of fact or fiction is an interesting and profitable undertaking, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to perfect your craft and build an audience for your materials. This does not come automatically. If you are a notable figure in sports, politics or the entertainment industry you might even hire a ghost writer to do it for you. This is like cheating on an exam. You may get the credit, but you lose the learning and pleasure of having done it yourself.

Copies of Create Your Own Job Security will be available in August. The 17 chapters of the 200-page book tell how to generate a large number of business concepts, sort through them, decide which to do first and which to prep so that when you might be dismissed from work at about age 50, you already have a well-thought-out business of your own ready to launch.

I am accepting advance orders for my new business book, Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business at Midlife,  which may be made by using the PayPal button below. I also have a Bonus Offer that includes a Free e-mailing of the Table of Contents, Preface and a Book Chapter, Love Your Work and Live Longer. There is also a Super Bonus for the first 25 to respond which is a Free 15-minute telephone consultation.  To receive either reply below and describe what you would like to receive or discuss. I will arrange a time and date for the consultation.

Create Your Own Job Security

Generally available for special promotion price of $10.99.


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