U.S. Review of Books Recommends “Make Your Own Job: Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age”

Two of the world’s major book review companies, Kirkus and the U.S. Review of Books, have considered Wm. Hovey Smith’s new business book a useful work presenting new approaches to generating business concepts and converting these ideas into businesses. Kirkus called the book “worthy,” and the U.S. Review put it on their Recommended List. Both of these rankings indicate that the reviewers considered Make Your Own Job an exceptional work that they considered superior to the majority of the books they reviewed.

Reviewer Jordana Landsman writing for the U.S. Review said, “Smith’s book offers articulate, well-organized, and fresh guidance on the conventional components of starting a business, including the analysis required to assess goals, select a business and name, target audience and customers, choose a structure, secure funding, and know and comply with legalities…Yet while this important information is carefully curated here for maximum usefulness, the book’s heart and soul are in the author’s sharing of his own life experiences. His losses and successes are engaging and humanizing, and they make a case for the entrepreneurial path he recommends.”

Landsman grasped my intention to write a brief, but comprehensive, business book based on my own experiences that anyone from teens to seniors could implement to satisfy their immediate needs. She also agreed with my statement that workers were being considered interchangeable work units rather than individuals when she wrote, “This generous, comprehensive entrepreneurial guide posits (presents) that the modern workplace is a shifting, impermanent, and patently disloyal institution that can lead an unprepared worker to a surprising state of unemployment or underemployment at a moment’s notice.” She also agreed with my conclusion that the best safety net was to have a business in development while still employed that could be ramped-up to provide for a family’s security and often improve the person’s mental and physical health.

Small-scale testing of a new venture while working for someone else provides a worker with much more confidence to tell an employer, “To take this job and shove it,” if he, or she, knows that he can prosper by pursuing his own aims, objectives, and ambitions because he has proven that his new business can reach national and international markets.

If you are at a time in your life where you need serious money, then go for that multi-million-dollar payout, but if you want something less stressful that you really enjoy doing to supplement your Social Security income, follow that path even though its chance of producing more than modest amounts of income is nonexistent. Choose the business to fit your skills and needs, and change as you wish to get maximum enjoyment out of your work and personal life.

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