Start a Business When You Need it Most

Have a business plan already developed before you need it to insure a golden future.

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These are uncertain times at best. Each day brings news of 10s of thousands of layoffs such as with Toys-R-Us where 30,000 employees are going to lose their jobs. Automation is taking many of the new jobs that are emerging, and plants that once employed hundreds of people can now be staffed with 10. The jobs that remain are paying less and offering fewer benefits that before. The only way to insure a golden future for yourself and your family is to control your own destiny by starting your own businesses when and as you need them.

That is the purpose of my forthcoming book, Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business in Midlife. The approach that I take is that a person may need to develop many different businesses during his lifetime to satisfy his immediate needs and build towards his future.  There are a few that can be used to raise immediate cash to get the bills paid, others are longer term that need a little work to put into place, while the ultimate objective is to build and have ready to launch a well developed business that you have already demonstrated can maintain you for the rest of your life.

There is a dangerous myth that a person can, and should, do only one thing throughout his entire life. A shoemaker should only make shoes, a stonemason can only cut stone, bricklayer lay brick, etc.  In today’s business environment a worker who is likely to stay employed will be called upon do do many different tasks during his professional career. As both a Military Engineer Officer and as a Professional Geologist who was also a writer that is exactly the challenge that I faced. As an officer I had to do whatever tasks I was assigned, even at the risk of injury or death. As an Exploration Geologists leading crews in Alaska, I was gone in the true wilderness for months at the time and responsible for the safety and well-being of my crew as well as completing my work before the winter snows drove us out of the field. Challenges included not only working in big bear country, but also dealing with things like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

In the meantime my creative instincts drove me to write, and I wrote and sold thousands of magazine and newspaper articles and worked for two regional newspapers in Georgia. The article writing grew into  writing books, and I have now written 18 books. My outdoor materials were also suitable for making YouTube videos, and I have over 675 up at the moment. I also had an outdoor-based radio show Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures. Looking for a late-life business, I started Hovey’s Knives of China, which takes its inspiration from ancient bronze knives from 3,000-years-ago to make unique cutlery for today’s cooks and Chefs. My books and radio shows have received a small amount of acclaim, and I have won a large number of peer-judged prizes for them.

I became more involved with business through my late wife, Thresa, who was in the process of getting a business degree while we were working for the same company. We co-studied much of the materials. I held the position of Information Scientist, a position that I developed, as she worked as a Lab Tech while obtaining a degree in Microbiology and starting on her business degree. Thresa unfortunately died of Pancreatic Cancer after we had been married for about 10 years. Shortly after her death I was laid off from my job and fell back on my previous writing and publishing activities. These resulted in my being invited twice to China to speak on business topics and once to Vienna. In the meantime, I picked up consulting jobs as a Geologist which paid for trips to Africa and continued to finance my book publishing activities.

My varied experiences and interests contributed directly to my writing Create Your Own Job Security. I have often faced an uncertain future, and what I did to keep myself mentally, physically and financially fit during those periods have now been recast as practical advice that anyone can use. There are thousands of business books and no small number slanted towards those in midlife. My book is significantly different in that it:

  • Discusses Immediate Methods of Raising Money
  • Shows How do Discover Ideas for New Businesses
  • Discusses The Arts as A Business
  • Considers Multiple Business Opportunities
  • Has a Method of Ranking Those Opportunities
  • Pushes You to Consider How to Grow Your Service Areas
  • Shows How to Use the World-Wide Reach of Social Media
  • Choosing an Effective Name for Your Business
  • Discusses Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents

On radio and TV shows, I support the proposition that, “If you can only buy one business book in your lifetime for you and your family, it should be Create Your Own Job Security.” I have completed the book. Its 17 chapters and  200 pages are now in the final stages of being edited prior to publication.  I am pushing for June, 2018, publication date, and would expect to have books ready to ship in August

I am accepting advance orders for my new business book, Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business at Midlife,  which may be made by using the PayPal button below. I also have a Bonus Offer that includes a Free e-mailing of the Table of Contents, Preface and a Book Chapter, Love Your Work and Live Longer. There is also a Super Bonus for the first 25 to respond which is a Free 15-minute telephone consultation.  To receive either reply below and describe what you would like to receive or discuss. I will arrange a time and date for the consultation.


Create Your Own Job Security

Generally available for special promotion price of $10.99.





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