On-Site and Remote Business Consulting

Hovey as news anchor


Automation, mergers and plant relocations are impacting tens of thousands of workers throughout the world as increased competition from online retailers and lower-cost foreign imports are impacting North American markets. Business that are impacted must dismiss significant segments of their workforce to stay competitive. These programs are designed to help displaced workers secure their own futures, aid business in identifying the perhaps overlooked employees that they should keep, and teach staff how to make inexpensive YouTube videos for training and social media advertising.

On-Site Workshops

I offer an own-site workshop for these displaced workers to help them develop their own business opportunities which may includes individual consultations and follow-up correspondence. The workshop includes a personalized workbook for each participant, a copy of the most recent edition of  Create Your Own Job Security: Plan To Start Your Own Business at Midlife and working with smaller break-out groups on individual topics.   A three-day event for 50 people would typically cost $10,000, with the price varying according to the location, services rendered, and the number of participants

Finding the Creatives in Your Corporation or Country

This presentation was delivered in China, at the request of the People’s Government, an an International Business Conference featuring new concepts directed towards developing Pacific Rim nations. In this presentation offer practical means of identifying creative individuals who might exist in low-rank jobs within a corporation or nation, how to manage such individuals throughout their lives, and encourage them to stay within the company that helped them rise to their full potential. This is a one-day event including a public presentation and follow-up discussions to design a plan to be implemented by the company. The cost of this event is $5,000.

Remote Business Consulting

Using telephone or visual conferencing techniques I can help business sort through some of the modern challenges, particularly for those that serve the outdoor industry, individuals who participate in the creative arts, and writers who feel that they have something significant to say in a non-fiction book. My telephone consultations are priced at $200 an hour and include a written follow-up.

Individual Mentoring

This is a three month process where I systematically take would be entrepreneurs through the business conception and start-up process. Usually this is done through e-mail and telephone contacts, although personal visits  and face-to-face consultations are also available. The price for this service starts at $5,000.

Video Production

With over 675 YouTube videos that I have now have online including those done for such firms as Buck Knives, L.L. Bean and Nissan I am well experienced in producing low-cost videos for product promotion and training purposes. I offer a three-day training program here at Whitehall where the trainees come for three days, I teach them how to film, edit and post a video that they have produced.  Students must supply their own camera, tripod, still camera food and lodging. The price for this service is $900 a day.


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