Father of The Grooms: A Collaborative Book, Screenplay and Movie Project


F collegiata Catania


You can receive chapters of Father of the Grooms as it is written and a chance to collaborate in the four-year project of writing the screenplay and producing the movie. This is an opportunity for you to help make the next Godfather-type movie at all levels of participation. I will need help in writing an authentic book, and you can be a part of it by supplying your experiences, stories, and knowledge about the places and events that I describe.

The novel describes how a Louisiana father whose sons have yet to have grandchildren makes them agree to go to Sicily where they will meet their new brides. They will be hosted by their Mafia relatives and married off to two beautiful, and for their own reasons, willing ladies. The week before they leave, two major members of the Mafia family in Sicily are arrested. They are told to come anyway. The father his wife, the two sons, their sister and gay uncle make the trip and are shown the family’s vineyards, estates and the sights of their never-before-seen native land. Their activities are shadowed by the FBI and Italian authorities. They arrive on Monday, and the wedding is on Thursday. The brothers get cold feet and want out, and ask their uncle to help. He hatches a plot with the transplanted Irish priest who is to perform the ceremony to have the girls call off the wedding. The plot fails, and the wedding is still on. If they do not go through with it, none of them will leave Sicily alive. The day arrives, they are brought to the church, but in the final resolution of the novel they manage to escape in a manner that does not put them under a death threat.

This will be a panoramic novel that will mainly feature Sicily, but will have significant segments in Louisiana, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Rome and Iraq. I will be making a trip to Sicily in May to gather materials and shortly after will began the book. Participants will receive the first publication copies of the book when it is printed in addition to the chapters as they are written. Depending on your level of skill and interest, there may be opportunities to assist in the movie’s production or appear in the film.

Credits will be given in the book and movie for those who participated. Provided that the script is funded and produced, there may be a small cash payment to those who participate in the movie’s production.

Kickstarter and Go Fund Me appeals were launched on April 25. You may view the Kickstarter appeal which has an associated video on the project at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hoveysmith/father-of-the-grooms-the-novel-screenplay-and-movi?ref=created_projects. I will continually update both Kickstarter and Go Fund Me as work develops on the book, screenplay and movie. The Kickstarter project will last 60 days which will allow me to give sponsors a report on my trip to Sicily in mid-May.

Book Chapters of Father of the Groom and completed book when published.

Writing Father of the Groom will take place over the next year at the rate of approximately one chapter per month that will be sent to your e-mail address. The book, when published, will be mailed to your shipping address.


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