Increase Your Wealth and Happiness by Tapping Multiple Sources of Income

Kaolin Mine II

Although I am a Professional Geologists who worked for the minerals extraction industries, I also do many other things. 

Generating multiple income streams through starting several small-scale businesses can help you keep your income level more nearly constant in this rapidly changing economy. As a writer some of my efforts are along the theme of write once and sell often, which is what happens with my books. I am also a Professional Geologist and consulting work comes to me occasionally, and this is also welcome. I started a new business last year, Hovey’s Knives of China, which provides additional income opportunities plus provides a needed physical and intellectual challenge to an older guy who lost his wife a decade past, and is not interested in another relationship. In addition I hunt and often record my hunting efforts by making YouTube videos.

My most recent of 18 books is Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business at Midlife. One of my promotional efforts was a two-hour seminar that I gave at the Salvation Army Center in Augusta, Georgia, on March 15, 2019. I prepared a Power Point presentation for the seminar and filmed the live presentation. After doing the seminar, I changed the focus of the presentation to Increase Your Wealth and Happiness by Tapping Multiple Sources of Income, added additional Power Point slides and recorded the new presentation. I then made a video version of the Power Point slides and edited it to produce the present video.

This video is much more effective than the live presentation because the slides are fully visible, the Audacity sound editing program allowed me to shorten the pauses in delivery cut out some verbal stumbles and I was able to modulate the sound level. The production steps are A. Do the Power Point slides. B. Make a separate sound recording. C. Edit the sound with Audacity or some other program. D. Using a video-making program load both the Power Point video (without sound) and a MP3 file from the edited sound recording into the video program. E. Adjust the sound level of the recorded track. F.  Synchronize the sound with the slides by expanding or reducing the run time of the slides. G. Publish the video on YouTube or other platform.

With 30 slides, some with photos, and each having different run times to match the audio recording, this is the most complex video of this type that I have done. Now that I have learned the quirks of the various programs, the next such presentation will go quicker. I made a lot of initially puzzling stumbles during production, but managed to figure out a way that would work. As with much computer stuff, multiple approaches may be used to achieve approximately the same result. I ultimately discovered which ones would work for me.

The video is on the Hovey Smith YouTube Channel at: The run time of the video is nearly a half-hour which closely corresponds with the run time of my live presentation, even though it contains additional material.

Although the video is good as a stand-alone product, if you are interested in implementing the content also get the book which is available in either soft-cover or as an e-book from and other e-book sources worldwide. If you implement the steps I recommend, you can significantly increase your income at your present job, by going to another company with an offer to create a new useful position for that company using your unique skill sets.  I did when I created the new position of Information Scientist for an international mining company.

Individuals that I cite in the video started companies on their kitchen tables that have sold for billions of dollars. Maybe your goals are not that high, but you would like some supplemental income. You can design a business that you can work as you need, or are able, to spike your income.  This can be done as well by teens or senior citizens. It is valuable to teens for getting them started to thinking about individual entrepreneurship (which the 4-H program advocates) or for seniors who need interesting productive work to keep them physically and mentally occupied.

The nation has a very large prison population. This information also needs to be available to inmates who have the time to really thrash through the business-creation concepts that are applicable to them when they are released. It is difficult for convicted felons to find employment. Starting their own businesses can be a way for them to create immediate income once they are released, offer supplemental income while they are searching for employment and ultimately can provide them with a lifetime business that can sustain them and their families for the remainder of their lives. These are skills that need to be taught to this population. If you have connections with this population donate a copy of this book to the prison library, and tell their resource officer about this video. As a society we need to have this population quickly, and productively, reintroduced back into society as self-supporting individuals. If anyone wishes to contact me about this aspect of what I do you may use the contact form below.

Create Your Own Job Security

Generally available for special promotion price of $10.99.



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