Create Your Own Job Security Published

Ben's front cover Create Job
Special Promotion on Amazon for $10.99 vs. regular price of $19.99.

My new business book for the non-business major Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business at Midlife is now available as a softcover edition on You can see a Create Space Preview of the book at As an early promotion books sold through Amazon will have a reduced price of $10.99 compared to the $19.95 regular price.

My seven-month long stent at writing, designing and producing the book is now over. I am still working on the e-book version which will be published through Book Baby and will also be available on Amazon as well as all other e-book outlets.

Publicity about the book is progressing. Yesterday I did an interview with radio host Francisca in the Boston area and am booking other radio and TV shows at the moment. I am also available for doing live events, including working directly with companies that are in transition and wish to expose their to be laid-off workers to the possibilities of starting their own businesses. There are links to these activities in another section of this blog.

It was pointed out to me yesterday that the majority of people are fearful of starting their own business because they might risk and lose the limited resources that they have. If you select your new business ventures appropriately you can mitigate these risk. I am not suggesting that everyone should attempt to start a multi-million dollar factory operation to make a particular product. That is foolish. If you have a good product idea, you make the prototype, and have others make and sell it for you. E-Bay selling, as a business, is another idea that I promote. Pick out a particular class of objects that interest you, become a world-class expert on them and buy and sell them on line. Go to trade shows, exhibit, write books about them and make that a business. This is as near a risk-free business that there is that you can do at your own home.

In the case of my own business, “Hovey’s Knives of China,” I and my bladesmith make a few custom knives based on ancient Chinese designs for modern cooks and chefs. However, the real money in this venture is selling the designs to other companies and letting them produce my unique knives worldwide. This way I can manufacture products with a minimal outlay for a shop that is attached to my own home.

If your product is of a more intellectual nature, such as writing books and magazine articles, that takes even less of an investment in physical assets, but requires just as much work so far a time is concerned. Get rich quick schemes are most often just that and often depend on a speculative bubble that will collapse. It is a far better plan to start a well through out business and steadily work at it, rather than hope for some wonderful event to fall into your lap such as playing the lottery.  Buy your lottery tickets if you are inclined, but do not base your future on the chance that you will ever win a significant jackpot.

For a limited time this book is available at a special promotion price from Amazon of $10.99.

Create Your Own Job Security

Generally available for special promotion price of $10.99.


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