Three-Five Days Before Publication of “Create Your Own Job Security” on Amazon: Coming Teliseminar

Ben's front cover Create Job
Book to be available from in 3-5 days

After seven months of working with “Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business at Midlife,” the final proof copy, which involved one complete re-submission of the manuscript,  has been approved. Copies of the book will first be available as the softcover edition on  I may be as long as six-weeks away from having the e-book version available on Amazon and other outlets.

I am presently completing a companion workbook for  a teliseminar on this topic. This seminar will enable me to work remotely with groups of people who can sign up from any location.  These will be live events, probably in September. I may offer more complete courses as demand warrants.

For the initial one-to-two hour teliseminar, I will e-mail the workbook to participants a week prior to the seminar so that they can largely fill out the sections and add to them as the seminar progresses. Although many will not, the more of these question that can be answered before hand, the more value the seminar will have. There will be an opportunity to send me follow-up questions and for a few to be submitted  during the presentation.

To get maximum value from the combined book-workbook-teliseminar package, go ahead and buy the book. You may order it using the PayPal button below or directly from Amazon. At this stage delivery from Amazon will be faster. Having a copy of the book will be useful in completing the teliseminar and your initial work on the workbook. I will also refer to pages of the softcover book from time to time during the  live seminar. The page numbers on the e-book will be different.

To be notified of seminar dates sign up using the comment section below. The cost of the seminar is going to be about $100. Depending on the number of participants, multiple dates may be offered. Feel free to add comments about what you want to get out of such a seminar. Is it how to find the right business for you? Is it a question about financing? Do you have issues about trademarks, patents?

Create Your Own Job Security

Generally available for special promotion price of $10.99.


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