Can You Identify The Objects in this Picture? If You Can I Have a Job for You.


If you know what the objects are in this photograph, there are two job openings at the Master or Journeyman and Trainee levels in my home town in Central Georgia. Sandersville is located 90 miles from Atlantic beaches, about the same distance from Atlanta and about 150 miles from the North Georgia mountains. There are large recreational lakes nearby owned by Georgia Power, excellent hunting and fishing and one of the longest and most liberal deer seasons in the nation where we may take 12 deer a year with bow, crossbow, pistol, and all types of black-powder firearms. While we do have occasional snow, our Winters are mild and our Springs are beautiful.

We are blessed in Washington County to be located on a raised upland that is not ravaged by periodic flooding, does not have large earthquakes, is only occasionally impacted by winter snow and ice storms, is free from large-scale forest fires, is not prone to mud slides and consequently has low insurance costs. Our soils are fertile and our woodlands are vast with relatively inexpensive land prices compared to other parts of the nation.

Small town community living in the Deep South proceeds at a somewhat relaxed pace compared to the nation’s urban centers. While all of the cultural features and available activities of big-city life are not so readily at hand, they are available with a little travel. There are excellent educational institutions at all levels available in branch facilities within 30 miles and by extension courses from Universities anywhere in the world.

We are and always have been a multi-ethnic community that has been noted in recent decades for its racial and cultural tolerance. The county’s thriving Kaolin industry has brought workers from all over the world to support the state’s billion-dollar export of this product, and Sandersville is the state’s largest center of production.

Not counting the Native American part of my ancestry, my family has been in this community since the opening of the county for settlement in the 1790s. I trace Sandersville’s grown in a 30-minute audio CD, “My Home Town,” which is available below. In the CD,  I walk around the town square and talk about the town’s history and how it has been impacted by individuals from all over the world. As a Professional Geologist, I have worked throughout North America and lived is places as different as Alaska and Arizona, yet, I came back here to stay.

If you are interested in applying for these jobs, use the contact form below, identify the objects in the photo and briefly outline your work experience. This information will be forwarded to the company that needs the workers.

If you would like to purchase a copy of My Home Town, you may do so using the PayPal button below.

My Home Town Auditory CD

A 30-minute auditory CD relating the history of Sandersville, Georgia, from its founding until 2012.





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