New Business Book in December will be Available in Print, E-Book, and Audio Formats

Wm. Hovey Smith, the author of a new how-to business book that explains how to select and start new businesses that fit your unique experiences and needs.


Make Your Own Job: Anytime, Anywhere, At Any Age, will be published as a print and e-book in December 2020 by Stratton Press, and an audio version of the book done by Listen Up will appear at about the same time. (See audio sample below.) These books recommend starting your own businesses as and when you need money and shows how to start businesses with the best short, medium, and long term potential.

Differences between Make Your Own Job and the typical business book is that this book reads more like a novel and tells in detail how to select the most opportune business opportunity is for you at the moment, which business concepts will require training or potential partners to complete, and how to accomplish your long term social and financial goals which change through life. By participating in businesses starting with physical labor, store clerking and management, being a military engineer officer, doing exploration geology, and ultimately doing research for the R&D Department of a multi-national company as well as being active in various aspects of the arts, Wm. Hovey Smith, has experienced an unusually wide gambit of business opportunities. These experiences resulted in the conception that those living in today’s society need to develop their own businesses throughout life that are independent of their regular employment so that if their jobs are curtailed or eliminated they have a fallback business that they own to provide needed income.

Smith, while working as a professional geologist, also embarked in a career as an outdoor writer publishing hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles over the decades as well as over 20 books on a variety of topics. He is now working on a novel, screenplay, and movie project Father of The Grooms concurrently with investigating other ventures such as his own knife-making company Hovey’s Knives of China where he makes modern cooking cutlery based on ancient Chinese bronze knives.

Rather than being restricted to some one field or profession, he advocates selecting from a variety of potential activities to chose the most appropriate businesses to start depending on one’s experiences, age, training, and time of life. This book uniquely helps the reader explore and tells how to exploit different business opportunities throughout life and make a success out of them.

Widespread workplace displacements are happening due not only to changing market and work conditions, but also the havoc caused by the Corona Virus epidemic. This may be the ideal opportunity to start investigating the possibility of starting your own business as either a stop-gap measure to raise immediate cash or as a life-long measure of insuring potential future income by literally making your own job.

The author of a Make Your Own Job has developed a variety of business opportunities that can be emulated by others.

You may listen to James Edward Thomas read a portion of the book below:

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