Use the Old Movie Serial Approach to Get Returning Traffic to Your YouTube Videos

Ruger 14 (2)

This is a Ruger Old Army percussion revolver after it was modified by Master Gunsmith Dykes Reber. This work and the modification of the gun was the subject of one of the YouTubes in this series.

Those of us of a Certain Age remember the movie serial shorts that were usually part of a Saturday movie double feature schedule. These were typically westerns and always left the viewer with a cliff-hanger that would be resolved the next week only to be replaced by another, and so on for 10-weeks or so. This same approach was adopted by the later soap operas on TV, and is still being employed today to attract returning fans.

Ruger Old Army with some of its GA trophies

The Ruger Old Army and I had previous adventures such as taking a Georgia alligator with the gun as well as squirrels and deer, which likewise produced several videos.

As an outdoor writer it often takes me a period of time to get a new firearm, develop hunting loads for it and ultimately take a piece of game. At each of these stages I will often produce a YouTube video about 15-minutes long about the event. My viewers find it interesting to see a project being developed instead of having a one-video blasts of the final project and its climatic hunt.

Ruger Percussion and .45 LC conversion cylinders

A new approach, and more videos, were allowed when I purchased a conversion cylinder to allow the percussion pistol to use .45 L.C. cartridge ammunition and I developed effective Cowboy Action and hunting loads for the gun.

If you are a creative person, take your audience along with you as you develop your painting, sculpture, work of fiction or whatever it is that you do. The more exposure and the more of you that can be put into these videos, the better your audience will come to care for you as a person. This will result in not only more views, but also more followers and perhaps even contributors if you at some stage go to Kickstarter or Go Fund Me for community support.

The climatic video shows the hunt and also some of the activities that took place in previous episodes.

In this approach it pays to be honest, and if you sometimes fail, show those as well as your successes to provide a learning experience for your audience. None of us are perfect. We will all make errors in our lives of all sorts. That is what makes us human and differentiates the best of YouTube videos from commercially produced paid advertising.  People click through paid ads every second, but they will stay through an honest effort to fix a car, paint a house or even write a novel.

Consequently, at each meaningful stage in your project connect with your audience. Tell of your struggle, document your successes and by example teach them something along the way. If not obvious, at the end of your video have a “coming up” section as you describe what you are going to be next.

Finally, at the very end of your project do a “wrap up,” on that item. Then you can announce that it is for sale and relate when and how people may bid on it or see you perform, where they may order the book, etc. As usual, you can also offer a teaser about your next project. This serial YouTube process keeps your audience engaged, prolongs their interests in you as a person, promotes your public engagements and ultimately increases exposure and income.

Japeg Bk. 6 c

This event will now permit me to complete my forthcoming e-book, Hunting With Small Muzzleloading Revolvers which should be available in a few months.

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