Atlanta Business RadioX Interview Turned into a Video

.Hovey Smith Atlanta Business Radio X with knives

Radio has the shortcoming of not being able to transmit visual content over the airways. One way to overcome this is to use the broadcast as the sound track to a video production and add stills and written materials over the top of the sound. Hopefully the stills can be edited so that they more or less track with what is being covered in the interview which necessitates that the person assembling the visual materials simultaneously listen to the sound track while he is installing his visuals.

In this case I was fortunate that Stone Payton, the host of Atlanta Business RadioX, gave me some practical questions which I could link with some more-or-less appropriate photos. I was also supplied with some shots taken during the event by co-host Katy Galli which were used during the introduction and exit segments. Deriving a video from a radio interview is a seldom used tool because of the extra time involved which was about 5 hours to edit, process and finalize a 30-minute video. Most radio hosts do not have this much spare time. So it often falls on the guest to make the video if it is done at all. After all, it is he that is benefiting most from the added exposure, and if he can make it more meaningful by showing a photo of a knife that he described, so much the better.

The added appeal of written material over the frames of existing photos or even on a black background can A. Add additional information that was not mentioned in the broadcast, B. Provide additional reinforcement of points that are being made by having the user both listen and see the information and C. give the user the exact written reference for a long and perhaps nearly meaningless URLs. All of these techniques were incorporated in this video.

You can judge the results from the video below:


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