Create Your Own Job Security Author on Kevin Short’s Think Outrageous Radio Show on August 4, 2018

Hovey as news anchor

Kevin Short has orchestrated over 150 purchases/sales of middle-sized businesses that have had a value of over 1 Billion dollars. He is the author of, Sell Your Business at an Outrageous Price and has his own Podcast radio show, “Think Outrageous,” which is on the channel which is part of the iHeart Radio Network.  Although based in St. Louis, his broadcast circulates worldwide.

Short’s radio show is “dedicated to improving your business, workplace culture and life experiences more than you ever thought possible,” to use his own words.  The general concept that a person should start multiple businesses throughout their lives when and as needed appealed to him, and we arranged to record a show a month ago, which had to be rescheduled. I had already researched Short before the show, and I was disappointed was when I was notified a few days before we were to record. I do a number of such shows. As it turned out I recorded a show with another broadcaster in his studio in Atlanta the day before, and drove back home in time to stand by for Short’s show that was to be recorded precisely at 10:30 AM.

Studio time is valuable and usually booked a week ahead, so when a host wants his guest to call in at 10:30 he means that he wants his guest on line about five minutes before and will dump him as soon as the broadcast is over. In this case I was to call him using a conference-service line. I was provided with a number and password and at 10:24 I started the call. The number and password was accepted. At 10:30 Short was on the mike at the other end. Within 15 seconds we were Kevin and Hovey. This was to be a pre-recorded show, and we got off to an immediate start with Kevin introducing me as his guest as you can hear below:

The interview went well, and although edited out of the broadcast, I was invited back for another program at some undefined time in the future. Whether this will happen or not, I do not know, but I did broach other potential tops, such as a show on considering geologic hazards in planning subdivisions or even when buying or building your own house which is work that I do as a Professional Geologist in Georgia.

Create Your Own Job Security

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