Abstract for TEDx Atlanta “5 Steps to Create Your Own Job at Any Age”

5 Steps to Create Your Own Job At Any Age

Smith,Wm.Hovey,2018,Create Your Own Job,https://createyourownjobsecurity.com, 1p.,blog,video,Profit, Sandersville, Georgia. Smith invented a new position of Information Scientist at a multi-national corporation by growing a short-term consult into the new corporate position. This and previous life experiences led him to the concept that people could, and should, create their own jobs throughout their lives to fill immediate needs and provide long-term job security.

Multi-business entrepreneurship can be done by: 1) Rank business opportunities into short, medium and long-term categories. Move those opportunities that require less capital and time up the list. 2) Rank them according to life goals, physical abilities and potential returns. 3) Pick short-term opportunities to produce immediate income and prosecute those. 4.) In the medium-term category, get professional certifications which might require college or trade school courses. Going through this step will hopefully result in obtaining a job that offers health insurance and benefits. 5.) While thus employed, work on the long-term possibilities that answer the questions, “What work is there that I enjoy doing so much that I would do it for nothing, and how can I make money at it?”

It might take years to develop an answer to these questions. When done and while still working, start a “business of passion” so that it is already established at age 40 and can be immediately ramped up to produce significant income at middle age and beyond. For example, Smith’s late-life business is Hovey’s Knives of China that makes modern cutlery in Central Georgia inspired by ancient patterns.

The TEDx Atlanta talk would include the audience listing business possibilities provoked by the presentation. These might include personal service, the arts, authorship, inventing products, IT, helping others from their life experiences or starting a non-profit. Billion-dollar businesses have been started by kitchen-table entrepreneurs as was done by the Cabela’s brothers in Sydney, Nebraska, who sold started their business in 1962 and sold it for 5.5 billion in August of 2018.

Wm. Hovey Smith held jobs in store-front businesses as a teen, obtained B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geology from the University of Georgia and the University of Alaska, published 19 books, was a decorated Army Combat Engineer Officer, worked as a Senior Geologist throughout North America and given business lectures in China and Austria. He has produced more than 700 YouTube videos and has been a radio host. His most recent book, Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business at Midlife was published in June, 2018.

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