Athletic Shoe Repair: A Low Cost Business

Repairing Athletic Shoes with Glue-Bonded Soles_0002


Almost everyone in North America owns at least one pair of shoes or boots where the soles are coming lose or separated altogether. These can be repaired by the expedient of using a strong waterproof adhesive, Shoe Goo, to reattach the soles. The results of my efforts are a simple, but ugly repair.  If one cares to refine these techniques a better-looking result can be obtained.


Because of the vanishing numbers of once common shoe repair shops, there is a need for someone, perhaps you,  to specialize in these arts and do this service for your community for a cost of $10 a pair and up for more sophisticated restorations. Because I have clamps and a vise in my knife shop, I used these, a pair of pliers, an old tooth brush, some scraps of sandpaper and an old knife to repair two pairs of shoes that I owned. These shoes originally sold for $70 and $40, and I can now get months of service out of them for the expenditure of less than a dollar’s worth of glue.

Shoe Goo is available at Walmart where it is typically displayed on a vertical rack in the shoe department along with shoe polishes and accessories.

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