Take Me Off Facebook: A New Business Model

I just initiated a blog, Take Me Off Facebook, which is a new type of business where the person who is initiating it provides a linking service between those who want their Facebook information modified or removed and those who are able the provide the service. The person who provides the link-up collects a fee from both parties and generally facilitates the service.

This type of business is increasingly common in this interconnected age. As more people use more services on the Web it will be come increasingly important, and profitable, for others with IT knowledge in this particular field to assist them in removing or modifying content. In fact I would not be surprised that Facebook itself soon launches this as part of their paid-for services.

You can visit the new blog at: takemeofffacebook.com. The first post made on it is below:

This new site is to provide a platform to link-up those who would like to have their Facebook presence modified or removed with those who have the skills to provide this service. It is my ultimate objective to find a group of skilled Facebook experts who can adeptly manipulate the platform and sell this domain to them. In the meantime if you would liked to be linked with such a person or if you can provide the service respond by using the contact button in the banner (of the other website).

There will be a $10.00 charge to provide the link-up. There will also be fees charged by the person supplying the service that must be agreed upon by both parties. The person whose Facebook profile is being removed or modified should do their due diligence to insure that the person they are allowing access to sensitive information is trustworthy. Users will have the opportunity to rank their service provider and ultimately a list of trusted providers will be assembled, but none is available at present.

The generation of this blog and capture of this domain name is an illustration of the potential business opportunities that are all around us every day that anyone can use to their own advantage and profit. For information about my new book, Create Your Own Job Security: Plan To Start Your Own Security at Midlife, look at my Home Page on this blog or go to: createyourownjobsecurity.com.

I am accepting advance orders for my new business book, Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business at Midlife,  which may be made by using the PayPal button below. I also have a Bonus Offer that includes a Free e-mailing of the Table of Contents, Preface and a Book Chapter, Love Your Work and Live Longer. There is also a Super Bonus for the first 25 to respond which is a Free 15-minute telephone consultation.  To receive either reply below and describe what you would like to receive or discuss. I will arrange a time and date for the consultation.

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