Elements of Back Cover Design for Your Non-Fiction Book

Being an author, one of the things that I discuss in my forthcoming book, Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business at Midlife, is earning a living as an writer/producer/publisher of your own books. There are many aspects of this kind of business, and one that is not often discussed is the design of the back cover. This is important in book-store and on-line sales because potential buyers want to be able to quickly size-up the title to see if they wish to buy the book. Another significant thing for Book Stores is that this rear cover must have a bar code so that the book can be quickly scanned at the register.

The three elements of a soft-cover book, the front cover, spine and back cover are all printed at the same time on the same stock. They are designed to wrap around and be glued to the pages of the book. The most effective covers are designed by specialized artists who are accustomed to using various image processing programs that can incorporate written text, photos and drawn art all in the same cover. The author must supply the elements of the text which are divided into sections as can be seen below:

“If you want to be truly inspired with not only WHY to develop your own enterprise but HOW to do so, this is YOUR book.”  A quote from a respected reviewer.

                   Charles Heller, Liberty Watch Radio

 A statement that stresses the importance of the book to potential buyers.

The stress of facing chronic lay-offs and frequent short-term jobs can become a thing of the past if you create your own job security by having a continuous stream of income derived from your own businesses. Having been in this situation many times, author Wm. Hovey Smith explains how he developed numerous businesses that provided short-and-long term income, improved his health and let him make money doing work that he would do even if no one paid him.

Four or five bullet points that tells how the contents of this book will improve the reader’s life.

This book will allow you to select business opportunities that will help you:              

  • Avoid the Trauma of Losing a Job
  • Use Your Skills to Generate the Money You Need
  • Pursue Work that you Love to Do
  • Provide a More Secure Future

 Details about the book’s content.

You’ll find valuable information on how to prospect for and rank business ideas, name your business, discover E-business opportunities and learn about trademarks, copyrights and patents.

The author’s qualifications.

Wm. Hovey Smith is a decorated Engineer Officer, holds two university degrees, the author of 15 books, producer of over 675 YouTube videos, broadcaster, humorist, artist, knife-maker, outdoorsman, Professional Geologist, and international speaker on business topics. For more: createyourownjobsecurity.com.

 Hovey cord jacketg and tieHovey 9 A head shot of the author in a pose appropriate for the book. Which do you like better? The formal shot in the jacket or the informal one with the ball cap?

9780916565107_19-95_ean Bar Code Create Your Own Job Security

This bar code has three important elements of which only two can be shown in this format. It has the ISBN number which uniquely identifies the book that is obtained from the R.R. Bowker company and the price of this edition of the book along with the scanning bars which could not be shown here.   Each different binding or presentation, say a hard cover and an E-book, will have a different bar code which is also available from Boker.

9 780916 565107
ISBN 978-0-916565-10-7
Now that all of the elements have been obtained these contents can be decided upon and sent to the cover designer for the rendition of the three sections of the cover. During the design process elements of the cover can be changed, but once the final design is sent to the printer, it is indeed final. The artist has been paid, and the next time the author will see the cover is when he receives his proof copy of the book immediately prior to printing. Then he might discuss the inks that are used and the stock that the cover is printed on, but outside of paying for a redesign, no further changes of the cover are to be made.
In short, be absolutely sure that you have everything you want and need to have in your cover design before you send the cover to the printer to avoid extra costs and delays in producing your book.
Pre-publication orders for Create Your Own Job Security: Plan to Start Your Own Business at Midlife are now being accepted and may be paid for using the PayPal button below. The book is expected to be ready for delivery in August. The price of the book is $19.95 which includes free shipping and autographing by the author.

Create Your Own Job Security

Generally available for special promotion price of $10.99.


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